Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Christmas

For Christmas this year we went to Spokane for only a suuuper quick visit (about 18 hours) and we opened presents from my family and got to see my sister Annie and her BF Sam who were up from Utah. That was fun, and in typical Stephenson fashion the Nerf bullets were flying day and night as soon as we walked in the door. 

It's Tradition in our family to get to open one present on Christmas eve from my mom, and it's always pajamas. Then you have to immediately try them on and do a fashion show (which usually gets more and more inappropriate as it goes on). This year my mom made Annie and I matching jammies and funny enough without knowing it, I had made kade a matching high chair cover and blanket from the same chili pepper material. 

After our quick stop in spokane we went on to Pullman and they had just gotten dumped with snow and kade got grandpa sharratt to pull him on the sled and play with him in the snow for the first time. He thinks he liked it but he wasn't quite sure about it. In pullman Andy had four of his five siblings there so they had lots of fun playing football and video games and board games the whole week. It was fun to see everyone and get some time away to relax. Also we really enjoy pullman and we like to visit there and recall the days when we were in college and dating (and ridiculous). :)

I've heard it said a hundred times before that Christmas is more fun with kids and boy is that true. I found myself so excited to see how kade would like his toys and like the tree and all the elements of Christmas, that I couldn't remember what used to be fun about Christmas before he was around. And I suppose it will only get more fun cause right now he's only at an age where he's hardly aware of Christmas going on around him. :)

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